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Honolulu Electrical Services provides electrical troubleshooting, repairs, and installations for both residential and commercial properties.  With over 21 years as licensed electricians in Honolulu, our range of knowledge and experience allows us to confidently solve your electrical issue with code compliant solutions.  As experienced Honolulu electricians, we provide standard electrical repair services all the way through installing new electrical systems.  New, old, big, small, complex, simple, complete, re-wiring, replacements, installations – we are a complete and full-service electrical contractor in Honolulu.

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Message From The Owner:

Aloha, my name is Ed, and I am known as “Ed the electrician” on Oahu.

I’m an easy going guy that lives in the Waialae area in Honolulu with my sweetheart wife and energetic kids.  I’ve been an electrician since I was 17 years old, which makes for about 34 years of experience…..oh how the time does fly.  Yes, every electrical project is unique, but I’ve just about seen it all and done it all when it comes to electrical troubleshooting and electrical installations.

But you didn’t come here to learn about me, you came here for an electrician.

Call in if you’re looking for an electrician in Honolulu that can troubleshoot and solve any electrical problem.  Me and my guys do everything from replacing blown outlets that don’t work anymore, replacing fuses in panels that won’t stay closed, install ceiling fans, running new electrical circuits in your home, we can run all new wire for a new home or building, we can install electrical panels and electrical disconnects, we’ve been installing a lot of electrical vehicle charging stations lately, upgrading and installing new 120 volt, 240 volt  and even 480 volt circuits, home remodels for all new electrical wiring, appliances, lights, outlets, etc., and just about any and everything in between.

We’re guilty of doing everything 100% code compliant, having excellent customer service, and taking pride in our workmanship.  Our main shop is in the Waialae area of Honolulu to give you an idea of how far away we are from you.  We service all of Honolulu from Hawaii Kai to Aloha Stadium, mauka to makai.

Always trust a licensed electrician to work on your electrical system.


Ed the electrician



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Electrician Services in Honolulu

Why Choose Honolulu Electrical Services?

  • We are fully licensed, insured & bonded
  • We have over 34 years experience as licensed electricians
  • We’re full-service electricians for all electrical installations and repairs at your business or residence
  • Our service area is confined to Honolulu – saving you money, allowing for better availability to meet your busy schedule, and allowing for quick response times to your immediate needs
  • You always deal with the owner directly and can be sure to get the best professionals with the most experience working for you
  • Simple and complete explanations of the electrical problems and solutions provided. You won’t ever have to wonder whether you’re paying extra as everything is explained before work we start the work
  • We’re grateful for your business. You’ll no longer have to deal with inexperienced workers responding to your call. We value all our clients and put our reputation on the line with every job.

Electrical Repairman in Honolulu

Are you dealing with an electrical hurricane?

Do you have just one electrical issue?

Don’t have a clue about what’s wrong, but know its something electrical?

You can count on Honolulu Electrical Services for all your electrical needs in Honolulu! You can choose us for new electrical installations, electrical repairs, as well electrical upgrades. Check out our full list of services that ensure your business and/or home gets back to 100% within the shortest time possible. We’re proud to offer our services to Honolulu, Oahu, so call us if you need an electrician in Honolulu!

Get the Best Service and Value

We Are Not Cheap Electricians in Honolulu

We’re licensed, bonded, and insured professional electricians. The value of the services we offer comes with experience, accountability, quality workmanship, and knowledge. If you’re looking for a cheap electrician, please don’t contact us. We beat out our competitors by offering the same quality service at a much better rate one without massive franchise and overhead fees!

When it comes to electricity, you never want to risk the safety of your property with a fix-it-all handyman or someone you found on Craigslist. It’s estimated by the Electrical Safety Foundation International that about 360,900 residential building fires are reported to fire departments throughout the United States each year, resulting in an estimated 13,250 injuries, 2,495 fatalities, as well as $7 billion in property losses. Electrical malfunction was found to be the leading cause of those fires.

What Can I Expect from Honolulu Electrical Solutions?

You can expect the best electricians in Honolulu! You can trust us to honestly troubleshoot any electric issues, offer the best value solutions, and complete the job the right way the first time.

We’ll greet you with a genuine smile and thank you for choosing Honolulu Electrical Services. We’ll then listen to you so we have a better understanding of why you called and understand the outcome you expect.

We’ll then conduct a thorough evaluation of your system and perform a diagnosis and  offer an explanation for our analysis in easy-to-understand terms. Depending on the outcome you expect, we’ll offer our recommended solution and provide a clear explanation of how we plan to do the work. Prior to starting the work, we’ll provide a detailed free estimate for your evaluation to help you know exactly what you are paying for.

The next steps depend on the scale of the project. We come ready to work and our tool van is complete with the materials and tools needed to do the work properly. We carry plenty of standard hardware, fittings, as well as other miscellaneous equipment used to carry out the most common electrical repairs.

If any new materials or replacement parts are needed, we’ll make a sketch of your system and perform a material takeoff to quantify all materials and proper sizes to provide a finished product that’s compliant with the National Electric Code standards.

Work can commence immediately, but it depends on the magnitude and scope of the project. Our business survives on serving your needs effectively and efficiently and we always finish what we start!

We’ll test the system for full functionality and performance to ensure that it will keep working for long after we have left. If necessary, we’ll review and explain your new system for any user interfaces, function, controls, as well as maintenance requirements.

Finally, we’ll clean up after ourselves and leave you feeling good about choosing to work with us. Customer satisfaction is the key reason why we’re the best electricians in Honolulu!

We’re honest and hardworking professionals that know a great deal about electricity. The best part is that we are your neighborhood electrician on Oahu. Contact us today for service and we’ll show up ready to get the job done!

Honolulu Electrical Solutions FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that you’ll have a plethora of questions regarding our services and since we try to beseech you to get an expert electrician to conduct all your electrical installations, checks, and repairs, check out some of the most frequently asked questions and their responses here!


We have been in this niche for several years and have learned that our consumers lean towards experts who give a specific quote for the work depending on the current electrical problem. A good number of the quotes we offer through the phone are subject to variations after the expert analyzes the job critically and we don’t like how this turns out to customers.

By allowing us to check and diagnose the problem at hand personally, you’ll get a more accurate picture of how much you’ll pay for the job before it commences. Contact us today for a precise quote on your electrical needs!


The work of a breaker is to keep wires in your place from being overloaded. All breakers have been made to switch off automatically if their circuit receives huge loads or when there is a short circuit. An arc fault breaker serves an additional role, which is to point out arcing in circuits. Arcing is the sparking that takes place between two faulty conductors and the temperatures this can reach makes it a fire risk. Arc welders use an electrical arc to weld metal, which brings to perspective how damaging it can be. A normal breaker might not have the capability to detect arcing since it doesn’t get to the high load levels needed to trip a breaker, but an Arc Fault breaker can detect all these problems and break the circuit before it leads to a fire. Arc fault breakers need to be assessed monthly to make sure that they’re in proper working condition.


Aluminum wiring was utilized back in the 60s and 70s in Hawaii and the surrounding main lands. It’s not dangerous to have it in your home but the caveat with this wiring comes with problematic terminations occurring either in a switch, receptacle, light fixture of equipment. Provided that the conductors will expand and retract and the oxidation properties of aluminum, it’s not out of the picture for heat to be produced at the sections where it’s not terminated correctly.

A vital problem with aluminum wiring is that while it might all look perfect from the outside, it could be damaged in the inside which then poses a fire risk. If you feel that the aluminum wiring in your home is faulty, ensure that an expert comes over to inspect it.


This kind of wiring is also known as open wiring and it was used between the 1900s and 1940s. The name stems from the porcelain fittings that supported cables that run through wooden structures. If they’re left as they were installed in the first place, the chances are that the knob and tube wiring will be completely safe. If you have this kind of wiring in your house, only allow a licensed expert to inspect it.

Here are some of the significant aspects you should understand about this kind of wiring.

The insulation utilized in this kind of wiring dries out becoming stiff and brittle. This leads to some cracks in the insulation which fall away from the conductor, leaving it exposed, and creating some shock and risk of fire.

Since the knob and tube wiring in a house has been implemented for over 70 years, the probability that it has never been interfered with is very small. After the systems have been modified, regardless of the intention, the part that was changed should be replaced with modern wiring.

Today, houses have more electronic devices, and thus need more electricity. The structure of any house during the early 1900s can not live up to the demand of modern-day devices. Old circuits that they were weak from the point of installation and are susceptible to overloads that can cause fires.

Knob and tube wiring was implemented with single conductors that had hot and neutral lines along with no grounding. Most houses have witnessed rapid changes in the circuitry to match these dynamic times, and could have been shifted from the legacy ungrounded to the modern grounded ones. If your house has three-prong receptacles put on the underground circuits, then you get yourself in a scenario where an electronic device that needs a ground line for safety is put into power that does not have this feature, thus creating the risk of shock.


We always give a quote for the cost of the job and for us to give an accurate one, we have to point out the panel’s location. The panel’s location, the accessibility of the system, the size of the feeder cable and probably most importantly, whether the work will be about repairing or replacing the panel are all crucial factors that are used to assess the cost of a job. It’s not possible to give a precise quote if we don’t know all of this information.


Houses are becoming more sophisticated and this has led to more electronic devices in a single household. We have become attached to these electronics and the ability to charge them easily makes us prefer them as we can use them without connecting them directly to power. Whole House Surge Protection gives all the electrical equipment in your house coverage against both internal and external surges. It functions more or less like a top-quality power extension that is bought for systems and that protects all the devices rather than just one.

Whole House Surge Protection will keep all your devices safe including the freezer, coffee maker, dishwasher, and any other device that do not come with an inbuilt surge protector. We advise that all homes should have a full house surge protection installed to ensure that electronic devices are kept safe to cut down the risk of shocks and fire perils.


The simplest and most efficient way to do this is to make sure that the lighting system is efficient. You have a couple of options to look at when trying to implement this including retrofitting the current fluorescent fixtures or replacing them with modern This could entail changing high bay metal halide and sodium fixtures with more energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs, or also enhancing lighting levels and reducing wastage with LED. We can offer you recommendations and avail all the incentives at your disposal when you’re pondering how to improve your lighting at the office.


This is a kind of receptacle made to keep you safe from electric shocks when utilizing your devices close to water. These fixtures can easily note when the power starts to digress and cuts off the power in the event of a problem. Codes stipulate that these fixtures should be installed in kitchens, outdoor areas, and bathrooms among others. Receptacles are meant to be assessed each month to make sure that they are working optimally. This can be done using a test button which disconnects the device which can be turned on by the reset tab. It’s seen to be working properly if it can be connected and disconnected and it should be changed if either of the test and reset buttons does not work properly.


Most places will let people who own homes to do their own electrical jobs as long as they have the correct permits and the work done is assessed by the relevant authorities. It is vital to take your families health and safety into consideration before taking electrical jobs. We always recommend that you contact a pro and let them take care of the job unless you have the right training and skills to handle it in the right way!

It’s important to make one thing clear:

We would like to be your top choice when it comes to local full-service electrical repairmen in Honolulu!

Technology might be a wonderful thing, but talking story and coconut wireless are still leaders in Hawaii’s word of mouth game. We would like you to share your honest experience with all of your neighbors regarding the services you receive from us. Quality workmanship, great value, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty are what make Honolulu Electrical Services thrive.

We’re wired for electricity and get satisfaction from successfully fixing all your electrical issues. Electrical problems are like real-life puzzles and we’re the kings of solving electrical puzzles in Honolulu!



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