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Electrical Troubleshooting in Honolulu

Electrical Troubleshooting in Honolulu

Do you need electrical troubleshooting in Honolulu for your home or commercial property?  

If the answer is yes, Honolulu Electrical Services is your first-choice for professional electrical troubleshooting that finds the root cause of your problems and doesn’t just address the surface-level symptoms. Common problems such as faulty switches, stripped insulation, and wiring problems can lead to other problems down the road, which can end up costing you more in future repairs or even put your home at risk for fire or accidental electrocution.  

For electrical work in your office, store, or place of business give us a call at Honolulu Electrical Services! As the most trusted electric service company in the entire Honolulu area, we know that proper electrical service is essential for your home and business.  

Common Commercial & Residential Electrical Problems

If you’ve been dealing with non-working or intermittent electricity in your home or business, you may be aware how stressful it can be to perform repairs, only for issues to remain or worsen over time.  

The following are some common signs that you need a licensed and experienced electrician to troubleshoot your property: 

  • An old electrical panel or a circuit breaker trips repeatedly 
  • Blown fuses become a common occurrence 
  • An outlet or switch becomes hot to the touch during use 
  • Outlets, light switches, and/or sensors become nonfunctional or intermittent (especially after it rains or when it is humid) 
  • You can smell the scent of burning plastic near an outlet or light switch 
  • You hear sizzling near an outlet or switch 
  • You have observed sparks and smoke coming from an outlet or an appliance 
  • Lights flicker or dim when a microwave or other appliance turns on 

To resolve these issues once and for all, let the electrical troubleshooting experts at Honolulu Electrical Services work to fix all your electrical problems!

Our Electrical Troubleshooting Process

Our licensed and experienced electricians at Honolulu Electrical Services are trained to replace the defective components and do so as fast as possible. Our systematic approach involves a comprehensive step-by-step process that is reliable and effective in finding the source of most electrical issues.  

  • Preparation 
  • Inspection of the Electrical System 
  • Identifying the Problem  
  • Making All Necessary Repairs 
  • Testing the Work 


At Honolulu Electrical Services, we believe in efficient service that comes from adequate preparation. Before we arrive at your home or business as scheduled, our service trucks are fully stocked and equipped with the necessary equipment and supplies to troubleshoot the most common electrical problems that we find. This means that your project won’t be delayed by trips to electrical supply stores that drag out otherwise simple jobs.  

Inspection of the Electrical System

Once our technicians arrive at your home or business, we perform a thorough electrical inspection. First, we start with the issues that you’re having and relate these problems to the electrical systems that your property has. For example, older homes may have overloaded outlets, whereas new construction homes may have work that wasn’t built to code. Our technicians use a variety of methods and tools to gain a clear understanding of your entire electrical system. 

Identifying the Problem

Once we’ve performed an electrical investigation, our technicians will analyze the causes to determine a proper electrical diagnosis. Electrical problems can be multi-faceted so our electricians will check all possible causes of an electrical problem until the origin of the problem is found!

Making All Necessary Repairs

Unlike other electrical troubleshooting companies, our team doesn’t simply swap out a faulty part or add in a patch that temporarily fixes your problem. Honolulu Electrical Services believes in completing work that stands up to the test of time!

Testing the Work

Electrical troubleshooting requires thorough attention-to-detail and comprehensive testing to ensure everything is working properly after repairs are made. It is our commitment to service to resolve electrical problems completely by testing and retesting your electrical systems. If a defect is discovered, we’ll continue to work and test until the problem is completely resolved.  

Contact Us Today!

If you are dealing with malfunctioning electrical problems that don’t seem to go away in your home or business, let Honolulu Electrical Services fix the problem.  

Troubleshooting requires depth of knowledge and extensive experience to perform safely, so we advise our customers to avoid potentially unsafe do-it-yourself repairs. We’re at your service 24/7 for all your electrical troubleshooting and electrical repair needs so you never have to delve into DIY! 

Call Honolulu Electrical Services to get back to normal and enjoy the peace of mind you deserve today! 



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