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Residential Electricians in Honolulu

Residential Electricians in Honolulu

Whether you have electrical issues in your home or you’re ready to upgrade your home with new outdoor lighting, you’ll want only the best for your home and in Honolulu the best residential electricians are at Honolulu Electrical Services!

Honolulu Electrical Services is a full-service provider of residential electrical services for any home throughout the Honolulu metro area. Our team of professional electrical technicians provides a range of electrical projects and services for your home.  

Considering that your home is one of the most important investments you’ll ever make, it makes perfect sense to hire a licensed electrician in Honolulu that understands your needs! Whether you need upgrades, repairs, and maintenance, you can count on us for top-quality solutions for your indoor and outdoor electrical needs. 

Our Residential Electrician Services

Our residential electricians provide every type of electrical services for homeowners. The following are just a few of the types of installations, repairs, and upgrades we offer: 

Comprehensive Electrical Repair & Troubleshooting

Our electrical repair service takes care of any old/broken components throughout your home. We fix: 

  • Light switches 
  • Outlets 
  • Breaker boxes 
  • Fixtures 
  • Fuses 
  • HVAC wiring 
  • Main service upgrades 
  • Meter sockets 
  • and more! 

Indoor Lighting Services

Enhancing your indoor lighting is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve the look and feel of your home. As a top-rated residential electrician in Honolulu, we can provide a wide range of indoor lighting services, such as repair and replacement of lighting fixtures, as well as installing: 

  • Accent lighting 
  • Recessed lighting 
  • Ceiling fans 
  • Chandeliers 
  • Bathroom lighting 
  • Basement lighting 
  • Kitchen lighting 
  • LED lighting 
  • Incandescent lighting 
  • Fluorescent lighting 
  • Dimmers 
  • Lighting timers and controls 

Outdoor Electrical Projects

Our expert residential electricians in Honolulu want you to enjoy the great Hawaiian weather! That’s why we offer a wide variety of electrical services to help you get the most out of your outdoor spaces, including: 

  • Pathway lighting design and installation 
  • Motion sensors and timers for exterior lighting 
  • Installation of underground conduit wiring for landscape lighting 
  • Hot tub and pool wiring 
  • Outdoor theater and sound systems 
  • And more!

Electrical for Home Renovation & Remodeling

If you are planning on renovating your home or adding new structural elements to your home like a new bathroom, expanded kitchen, or a finished basement, you’ll need new wiring to provide electricity to that area! Renovations will also need an upgrade to older wiring such as knob-and-tube and any other “heavy-up” work required to modernize your home.

Our licensed electricians in Honolulu will work with you and other contractors to ensure that work that is up to code and completed within your schedule so you can enjoy your new home sooner! 

Electrical Home Inspections

If you’re buying or selling a home in Honolulu, our licensed residential electricians can help inspect and repair any electrical items you need to close the sale. Because we understand timing is important in real estate transactions, we offer prompt service to get things taken care of so you can stay on schedule. 

Contact Us Today!

Keeping your home’s electrical systems safe and operational is a top-priority for any Honolulu homeowner. It is our pleasure to help you transform the look and functionality of your home with exceptional electrical services you deserve.  

At Honolulu Electrical Services, we’re committed to providing the best residential electrical services, straightforward pricing, and prompt service from the most professional residential electricians in Honolulu!

Contact us today to schedule an estimate and fail in love with your home all over again! 



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